Custom Application


I have designed a new custom application in JDE 9.1.
I have used Header Detail form and inserted Tab Control,when i click on Save button from any of the Tab Page,the control is exited rather than staying on the same tab page.
I think i am missing some system functions or initialization is not proper.
Will you please correct me,and let me know what should be done.


When you click ok, every form control has it's control is exited/changed events triggered automatically.
It's how the screen checks for errors :)

You could use the Set Control Focus to reset the focus back onto the control you were in? Or Set Current Tab Page to go back after you've clicked ok??

PS: this should be in the developers forum :)
Thanks John,Please update me where i can find Set Control Focus System Function in Jde Application?
To solve your issue. ..try using save ok and continue system function in dialogue initialize event of header detail form