E9.2 Custom application to update F08042

Dana BY

I have a custom application which is an application behind API Orchestration. I use API to update employees details.
Issue is - changes are not written into F08042, and we will need to track them.
I read Oracle documents about History tracking and it seems quite tricky.
Is there any risks if I simply modify my app to insert records into F08042 directly through table insert function?

Kim Schmidt

Active Member
Dana, it's not really that complicated if you're using JDE updates to make the changes in yout employee master file. In the P08041 application, select the data items in the employee master file that need to be tracked by flagging them with "Y". If your API is modifying the master file with direct database table inserts, this would not work though. And depending on your change, you might want to be inserting change data into the F060119 EE Jobs History File also.