Custom application is not working in Production


Hi All,

I am facing this problem where there is a custom application in BOM which is working fine in Development and Test environment. The same application is failing to populate the custom table as per the requirement.
( for range of Business unites it is not populating)
what could be the reason ? any suggestions?


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1. Is the custom table present in the production data schema?
2. Does the JDE system user have permission to update the table (at the database level)?
3. are the correct OCM mappings in place for the custom table?


Legendary Poster
To continue from where Larry left off:

4. Is there Business Unit or Row security stopping access to the Business Units
5. Is there a debug log?

If it is an Interactive Application, i would suggest to use the debug. If UBE, and not ending in Error, then Running it with debug level 6 will show the db error. IF it works in lower environments, and not in Production, it means that you have a deviation between environments. Check the table definitions, table indexes, row security, user security, etc. You can trying doing and ADVANCED GET from Prod to DV just the table, and run in dv. If it works, then do an ADVANCED GET from Prod to DV just the program, and try. If the Table and the Program work in DV after your got them from Prod, then it is an environment issue like permissions on the table in PD. Good Luck
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