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Currency Decimals

In Batch Invoice Revisions (P03B11Z1), the tax calculation business function used to calculate the gross amount, tax amount, etc - returns the correct amounts, rounded properly. Using MDDebug, the gross amount, taxable amount, and tax have Currency Decimals = 2. Using the *exact* same event rules and data dictionary items for my event rule variables in a report, I am getting Currency Decimals = 0. I have tried all the Currency Decimal Trigger business functions, the Copy Currency Information system function, the Currency Decimals, Set function etc, and have tried using report variables instead of event rule variables - but nothing is changing the currency decimals and all my amounts get rounded incorrectly (example, instead of 34.045 being 34.05, I'm getting 34! Can someone please help?


Hi, jcharron003!

We've got quite the same problem here. The tax amounts are calculated rounded to the nearest whole number in many different cases in customer created batch apps. We're in B7332 SP13.3 and the BSFN we use is B4001090 Tax Calculator.
Our problems are still unsolved so if you'll get ao have already got any info an the matter please send it to me: jdelist75@hotmail.com.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!