Cume 12 - any issues?

Robert Robinson

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All -

One thing that I did not mention...we are currently on Cume 11, A7.3.

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Subject: Cume 12 - any issues?

All -

Our company is looking to attach cume 12. Have there been any major
(show-stopping) issues encountered by those who have put cume 12 on their

Robert Robinson, CPA/CITP, CNE
Senior Business Systems Analyst
Durr, Inc.
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So is our company - we've just set up CUME 12 in a test environment. We're
going from Cume 8 to Cume 12 - I would like to know of any significant
issues as well.

Elizabeth Brown
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Hi Elizabeth,

We are in the process of installing CUM 12 in a test environment and quite
frankly JDEdward's documentation stinks on the install side. Did you have
any problems with the file F3002la where the source says it has 7 key fields
but the object only has 5 key fields. Also I am missing F3214 file. Can you
tell me if you had any problems during the install of cum 12...Thanks.

Mike Ryan

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Hi Stephen,

Yes, we had problems with F3002LA file. On our system the cume 12 source
said it had 7 key fields but the object still had 5 key fields and never got
re-created. It truly is amazing all the steps you have to go through with
JDEdwards just for them to say "Oh yes, just delete the object and re-create
it from the new source."

In regards to the F3214 file that was non-existing on our new cume 12
environment or our production environment, they sent me the source to load
down. We have not done a cume install since '97/98 time frame so no one
knows what happened to the F3214 file.

The cume 12 environment that I installed into was created from our
production environment backup tapes where we end all the subsystems and have
no batch jobs running during the backup. So I did not have a problem with
users and jobs running while I was installing. Actually my boss and I were
the only people that knew the cume 12 environment existed till I was done
with the install.

I guess the thing that gets to me is the fact that when you call JDEdwards
for help on the actual install of cume 12. The people you talk to tell you
they have never done a install and are just going by the workbooks etc. I
think they should at least have some actual install experience before they
begin telling(try) other people how to do it. Oh did I mention the fact that
the documentation inside the JDEdwards workbooks etc. leave a lot to be
desired. I was talking to a support person about pages 42-43 in the workbook
being poorly written and he looked and said, "He submitted changes to those
pages along time ago and couldn't believe they haven't got changed yet." Oh
well, what to you expect from a software company.

Hey Stephen is was nice talking to you. Can you tell that I am having fun
with the install(ha ha). Thanks for the information.

Mike Ryan
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Re: RE: Cume 12 - any issues?


Have you come across any issues with your upgrade to CUM 12?

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Re: RE: Cume 12 - any issues?

I've been monitoring comments on Cum 12 on the JDELIST as well as on Quest's Infocast and have seen comments on both ends of the spectrum. For those of you who ran into some problems, what JDE modules do you have installed? And I'm also curious to know what modules those that had no major issues have installed.

Alison Nakagawa


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Re: RE: Cume 12 - any issues?

We upgrade from A7.2 Cum 9 to A7.3 Cum 12 then to Cum X3 with no problem

Emad Banoub
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Re: RE: Cume 12 - any issues?

I'm in the side of no problems with Cum 12.
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