cum 12

Hi All,

Within my company at the moment there is a discussion going on whether it is
better to go to Cum 11 or Cum 12. After looking on the beer garden I feel that
the best option would be to go to cum 12, however I would be interested in any
feedback or experiences that people have come across. We are currently on A7.3
cum 6.


Go with cum 12. The Y2K fixes are all ready put in. If you go with cum 11
you will
have redo most of them.

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My company went from CUM 6 to CUM 12 last November with only minor issues.
We use Manufacturing, Distribution, Financials. The most challanging issue
we experienced was related to document number for the GL entries on Work
Order completions in the Mfg system. JDE correct this with a SAR. All
other issues were minor and JDE has SAR's for them.
Based on comments I have seen on List, CUM 12 is much cleaner than CUM11.

Good Luck




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We went to cum 11 and ended up pulling in a lot of fixes from cum 12 anyway.
I agree with the consensus; go to cum 12. Good luck!


We went to cum 11 in December, and we had so many SARs to put in. A/P had
over 40 SARs. It was like a mini cum. Save yourself some grief, and go to
12 !!


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We have applied cum 12 in our test box due to fthe changes in contract/service
billing module from cum 11 and planning for OneWorld coexistance.

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Timely question. Just this wknd took client of mine A72C10 to A73C12. Thus
far (still holding breath) upgrade has gone without a flaw. Also CRP
presented no issues so maybe just lucky but......

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