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Crystal Reports XI and the ODA


Why do you ask this question, does it not work with Crystal Reports XI but does with previous versions of Crystal ? Or are you just having a problem with the ODA.


I don't know the answer to your question but I'm curious, what CR 11 specific issues are there with ODA? Does CR 10 or 9 or 8 work but CR 11 doesn't?


I'm running into the same problem we're running jde b7334 erp8 service pack 20. and we're trying to use crystal XI to hit it.

we're getting odbc errors, and in talking with the crystal people, they are of the opinion that it is because crystal wants to talk to a odbc version 3 complant driver

here is the output of a tool they sent uscalled sqlcon..

SQLDriverConnect Successful
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data truncated
[J.D. Edwards][OneWorld ODA Driver]Data truncated.

ODBC Version is : 03

SQL Driver Name is : JDEOWODA
SQL Driver Version is : 01.72.0000
SQL Driver Supported ODBC Version is : 02
SQL DBMS Name is : OneWorld
SQL DBMS Version is : 73.03.1000 B733

so my question is this, is there an updated jde oneworld oda driver that is odbc version 3 compliant that will work with our fat clients?

if you need any more info, I can provide it.
any insite that can be provided would be appreciated.

it should be noted that we can access the database and pull data by using microsoft query, and excel etc.. its only when we use crystal that it barfs...


this is the reply from the crystal tech support: (note we tried option 2 to force crystal to version 2 with no success)

Crystal Reports, since version 9, have required that the ODBC drivers it uses be version 03 compliant. The Oneworld driver you are trying to use is only 02 compliant. I think you have the following two options to try:

1) See if you can get an updated version of this driver that is 03 compliant. This is probably the best option, if a driver is available.

2) You can try modifying the registry in XI to make it compatible with 02 drivers. We used to be able to do this in Crystal Reports 9 and 10. Article number c2013464 outlined how to do this. I suggest you take a look at it. However, the registry structure for XI is different. I think you are going to have to use a key like this:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Business Objects\Suite 11.0\Crystal Reports\Database\ODBC]
"ODBC Behavior"="2"

I'm not sure is this will work, as I know of no one who has tried to use a version 02 driver with XI. I think it's worth a try, however.
Yes, we installed Business Objects Xi and called JDEdwards and they claim that they support Crystal Reports 10.0, but not the next version - Xi.

I can't believe that no other customers are using Xi with OneWorld however. A person here got the ODA driver to work with a registry hack for Xi but it broke again when we updated the designer.



Shane and Tanelorn,

There are other options than to use problem ridden ODA. ODA has always been a bastard child (originally developed by a Marketing group and then foisted off to development) and it has never been a robust tool.

I suggest that instead you consider either:

a) Access the database directly (which is what we do - high speed and no practical limit on number of links, etc).
- or -
b) Look at JDEDIRECT (www.jdedirect.com) for a quality 3rd party solution.

I agree, connecting to the DB would be faster than adding another layer on top of it, however our security is very tightly defined in OneWorld, and VERY FEW people have direct access to the database. To create and implement a security model to give Crystal users access directly to the database would be a whole project in itself, especially considering the number of tables, etc. Plus it would take twice as much security maintenance anytime we added a user.

As for the second solution, I'll probably present it, however I'm sure the project team hasn't budgeted for it...ugh.




actually setting up a simple database security model isn't all that difficult. Steps are:

1. Secure Database tables so that only JDE system and DB admins have access. This should be done regardless of how your reporting solution accesses the data because its very easy for anyone to create a DSN or other DB connection and connect to your database from excel, msaccess, etc. If you are an Oracle shop I have a script I can share that would accomplish this task for you.

2. Create read-only DB View/Query objects that includes only the tables and fields you wish to give users access to. OK - this step can be a little time-consuming if you try to define a lot of views all at once ... I would just create these on a as needed basis when the report writers request them.

3. Grant Select/Read access to above DB Views to specific Roles as appropriate. e.g. Account Ledger (F0911) only accessible by Accounting role.

4. Create reporting User IDs. Either by specific user (more maintenance) or by role, e.g. Acctg, Sales, etc so you have reporting user ids that are used by multiple people in the same group / job function.

OK, maybe it takes more than a day or two to accomplish, and maybe the above is overly simplistic if you restrict access by Business Unit, but if you need to write/run some serious reports you'll find that ODA won't cut it and you'll need to do something like the above or purchase something like JDEDirect.

Good Luck,
I am not able to get the ODA to work with Crystal 10. Can anyone out there point me to some documentation that will let me use Crystal 10 with the ODA. I get the following error when trying to connect using the ODA driver:

Logon failed. Details: 01000:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The driver doesn't support the version of ODBC behavior that the application requested (see SQLSetEnvAttr).

Any guidance you could give would be most appreciated

JD EnterpriseOne 8.0 SQLServer 2000 Windows 2005