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Crystal and the F0902 file

Crystal users -

Has anyone tried to use Crystal vs. the F0902 records to create balance sheets, income statements like the old FASTR tool did? If so, were there setup issues, any tips?


We did rewrite some of the G/L reports in Crystal (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, various expense statements). I say we but actually it was a financial analyst here. The RDA version of the Balance Sheet (a customized version modified by a consultant) took 45 minutes to run and killed our server while running. The Crystal version runs in 45 seconds.

I can say it would have been very difficult for me to write the financial reports because I'm really not a financial sort of guy. For the guy who knew his financial stuff and was trained in Crystal it took him a week or two (it was one of his first reports) and isn't very pretty internally but it runs great.

yes - data selection and grouping is very flexible.

Our Analyst decided to use G/L categories assigned at the Object Account level (or it could done at a Business Unit level or combination of the two - depending on the company) to assign Crystal Groups to corresponding to the Level of Detail. We (Wagstaff) only needed 3 levels of detail, but JDE allows upto 30 categories ... He can generate reports very quickly now.

I am forwarding to your email address my response to a similiar question some years ago that has more detail to it. Hopefully this will guide you as to what can be done.



In order to use similiar functionality as JDE Smart Fields (FASTR) in Crystal, create formulas based on dates, ledger type, and calculations (amount fields in F0902).


crystal report X1 session maintenance

Iam using ASP.NET application with crystal reports X1.
I want to know whether Crystal report will hold on its session when large volume of data is being binded to it.for example,iam executing a stored procedure which may take some time to generate data if the data is in huge number.at that time will the crystal report maintain its session and bibd the data executed from the stored procedure.