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CRP to Standalone data


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I would like to move data from the CRP environment (Oracle & NT with Citrix) onto my PC (win 2000, Xe standalone). Is there a way to download the Item Master & Br/Plt records (for example) from the CRP environment to my PC?




I did something similar. Here it is what (roughly) I did:

1.- Create a new Access file to allocate the business tables. The reasons for this is because of access files (at least for Office 97) can't deal with files greaters than 1 GB. It is supposed you will download a great amount of data. Further, I had to download non-business data tables, so space requirement was bigger than 1 GB.
2.- In order to populate the new access data file with business data I used R98403. So, I create a new database data source in OneWorld and ran R98403 with data load set to load production data against this data source.
3.- Then I copied the business data tables of my interest (basicaly master tables).
4.- Control tables were also copied
5.- The new access file was placed in the data directory, under standalone path code (demo).
6.- A new database data source pointing to the new file was created in the standalone
7.- Default table OCM mapping were changed, pointing to the new database data source.

Ok, this was the option I choosed. Obviously there are multiple ways to implement it. However, it's sure you must handmake copy operations to local access data files from normal OneWorld installation to standalone.

Hope this helps.


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