Credit memo in JDE9.1


Hi All,

I am working as a functional analyst in software company.I has one test case like,
. Credit Memo 1. Create order for a customer with Tax
2. Ship confirm and Invoice Print
3. Now, customer sends tax exempt certificate to us. This means we have to credit the tax and adjust it from the invoice.

Actually I am not aware of this can any one please guide me how can I do this one that is the great help to me.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Nithya,
We would create a new billing adjustment with two lines on it: one line to credit the product with tax, and a second to rebill the product without tax.
We would then ensure any open orders were set up as tax exempt, and update the customer master record so future orders would automatically be created as tax exempt.
Hope this helps!
Hi jim,
Thanks for you update, but still I am not aware of how to do it can you please share a document for the same.