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Hi List,

Does anyone know what should happen to a sales order that has caused the
customer to exceed the credit limit. The processing option on the sales
order entry function is set to 'C1' - should this invoke some 'this
order is on hold' type of workflow message. Our order is being held with
a hold code of 'C1' but should a pop-up box be appearing ?

OneWorld Xe SP16 NT SQLSvr7

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Andy Smith
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Hi Andy,
My answer is ... it really depends on what you OR your sales people want!
Mine asked for a change in the Print SO report; something like ...

IF Sales Order type is C1 THEN
print 'ON HOLD' in the header, with font of size 14, bold, and red ink :)

Should they want a pop-up message after the Sales Order caused the credit limit to be exceeded, no problem; change the Interactive Application.

Warm regards,

A sales order that goes on credit hold should also trigger a workflow process to send a notification for credit approval to the person designated as the credit manager for that customer. I think the workflow process is JDESOENTRY. Make sure it is activated in P98800. The credit manager is specified on the Credit tab in the Customer Master, P0313, and must be set up in UDC 01/CR.

For a customer known to be over their credit limit, you can also attach a temporary credit message in the Customer Master that will appear on the order header when an order is entered for that customer.

Tim Lyons
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Good answer, Tim.

Also, be aware that World software does have the functionality of
automatically generating a "This Order went on Hold" message to the user
immediately upon order entry, but OneWorld does not. I asked about this
once and was told there were some technical issues with generating this type
of automatic message to the user in OneWorld. Too bad, as it is a nice

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