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Our A/R dept is currently tracking credit and collection calls in books
because it is faster than using JDE but I want to automate this process
either through JDE Credit & Collections or a third party product. Any
suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. I have asked the Cred & Coll
person her what they want and this is what they came up with. I need a
program that can be linked to JDE so that the cust info in both programs is
up to date. I am looking for a program with a predictive dialer so the
customer record will come up on all incoming calls and I want to be able to
dial out off of the customer record so I can begin entering the details of
the call immediately. I am also looking for software that will
automatically put up screen messages for follow up calls. We currently have
customers who have many different locations and bank accounts that pay to
our many different divisions so I want to be able to immediately see all
calls between their co.22 and our co.11 and who we talked to on what date
for each call. One final thought is that I also want a cost effective
product that doesn't require an unreasonable amount of customization.

Thank You

Jim Zvosecz
Financial Systems Analyst
America's Body Co., Inc.


Do you use Outlook as your primary email? I know a CRM solution with an
Outlook based interface that might be a good solution. It is much less
expensive than some of the other CRM solutions. (Customer Relationship


Andy Klee
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