Credit Checking on Sales Orders


Dear List,

I'm hoping that someone can provide me with a little
input to an issue that is asked of me regularly.

Here is my dilemma. Any sales order (SO) that is not
future committed is validated against a customer's
remaining credit limit. This includes any orders that
have lines that are backordered. The situation that I
have is that a great number of lines are immediately
backordered awaiting stock that may not be available
for weeks. In the meantime, orders are going on
credit hold for product that is in stock due to the
customer's credit limit being used up on these
backordered lines.

Has anyone modified OneWorld to not check credit on
backordered amounts and then perform the credit
checking when the backorders are released? How
significant of a project might this be? Any other

Rick Resto

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What you can do is turn off credit check for the order entry program, next
run for example back order release in batch, with credit check processing
option on.

If you do not want to batch release back orders you still can use this
program, just select only order lines which are not on back order in your
data selection.
In practice you use this program than only for credit check, we run this
excercise just before printing pick slips.