Creating JAX-WS web proxy in JDeveloper for use with BSSV...


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So, I've just set up a BSSV server for the first time because we need to be able to call a web service to communicate with our shipping system.
The server is all working -- I've set up the test service on it and used the test app JDE provides to consume it.
Now I'm trying to actually create a new BSSV object to use with the shipping service, and I'm having trouble generating the proxy in JDeveloper.
When I try to consume the WSDL, I get errors about the connection being refused. Looking at the WSDL, it includes references to localhost, so I downloaded it, changed those to the server name, and used the file instead of the URL, but I still get the same errors. There doesn't seem to be a lot of detail in the error I get about what it was actually trying to do... is there some way to get more information about the connection attempt? I can't tell if it's failing in its initial connection to the server, or in one of the things it includes. Suggestions?

I had a similar issue.

In order to fix the issue for me, I did the steps below.

1. Remove the Xerces.jar from the System/Classes of the FAT Client
2. Try to generate the JAX WS Proxy
3. After the Proxy is generated you can place the Xerces.jar back in the System/classes directory