Creating custom subtotal in Transform designer


Good morning,
We are very new to Transform development and can't figure out one issue. Our R42565 (invoice) can contain different line types (S, F, L for example). When PDF with these comes to Transform server, I want to generate my own subtotals based on line type and display it at the bottom. In Create form, we just created user global variables and have a simple IF statement executed for each detail section, checking details line type and adding extended amount to the appropriate global variable. Then each of these was displayed on the last page of each invoice (sales order sub total, freight sub total, discount sub total). How we can create similar logic in Transform 7.0 designer? Built in subtotals won't work. Thanks
Hi Anita,
We do a very similar summation thing in Transform.
Just read through the bag containing the R42565 PDF. We use the OSA/PDF RT Paser object to load the PDF into a bag.
Then use Scan and Data Walker objects to read through the bag.
For us, we use Number Parser object to convert the string containing the amount to sum in the bag.
In the bag, the number is a Unicode string object as it may be blank.
Once converted, just use Add object to accumulate into a Number object variable.
Hi Anita,
First thing first welcome to the JDEList's Transform (former FormScape forum).
I used to work with both Create!Form and FormScape some (long) time ago, and I am using Transform 7.1 now, an improved FormScape, not a newer Create!Form.
I suggest you get some professional training, as I did a year or so ago, 'cause it really helped!
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