Creating/Copying new Role [E910] [Newbie]


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Hi Everyone,

I'm still kind of new to JDE, and I'm having an issue creating a new role.

What I am doing :

I go in p0092.

I copy an older role.

It sends to Role Revision page.

I fill the Role name and role description. I don't have any adress number because it's a role.

ERRORS Blank Invalid

It aks me to fill Adress Number. But I don't have any Adress number for a role.

I'm stuck at this step.

Anyone has an idea?

Thank you!


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Are you sure you copied a role and not a user? Did you select the "Roles Only" radio button, then search for the role to copy?


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1. You can also click the error window to get more detail, click on "blank invalid". to see what it says

2.Other would be the account you use for doing this activity should have the address number as well. you can check the login you have has the address number.

Neal Scarr

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Check which version of the P0092 you are using. There is a processing option that controls whether the address book number is edited against the F0101 table.


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Thanks all for your help!

I got another issue that I had to solve, but I will try again with all the informations you guys gave me.

Thanks again.