Createform Reprint Manager - how do we specifiy number of days jobs stay around

Cathy Wilbur

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We just upgraded to CTIS/Createform 7x in February.

On all of our queues we went to Properties then Advanced then specified for how long we wanted to keep the output around in the individual queues.
The least amount of days is 2 days and the most amount of days is 9 days. See attachment - showing how Advanced Properties are defined.

When we go to Reprint manager for the individual queues we should only see a range of 2 days to 9 days of output in the Reprint Manager for the individual queues.

But Reprint Manager has kept the output around since we converted to Createform 7x.

How do we get Reprint Manager not to keep output so long? I thought Reprint Manager for each queue worked the same way as the queue properties for the specified queues.

What am I missing?

Please advise how you set up your queues and print manager when your company converted to CTIS/7x

Have looked in all the manuals but have not seen anything that would be of any help. Posted a question to Bottomline but have not heard anything back.


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Hi Cathy,

Mine is set up exactly as you show only for 2 days and it is functioning correctly, only keeping 2 days in the Reprint Manager. Sorry I can't help more, but I wanted to confirm that what you did seems correct.

Cathy Wilbur

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We are on Release 7.01.300.5427 on Create!Form 7.x/CTIS and we still have this issue. Bottomline wants us to upgrade to version 7.1.400 to resolve this issue of Reprint manager not getting rid of old output.

Was wondering if we changed the number of days do we need to reboot the server for it to pick up these changes to the reprint manager.

Say I had Reprint manager set for 1-3 days then all of a sudden I change it to 7 days.

Also on the printer properties we had it set up to always keep output then we changed it not not keep output.

We just keep output for the specified amount of time from Reprint Manager definition.

Do we have to reboot or restart the server to pick up these changes? Server is acting like I still have under, advanced printer properties, keep printed documents still turned on.

See attached so you will know what I mean.

1) We used to have keep printed documents turned on then I went and removed the check mark under advanced printer properties.
2) Under Queue properties we have keep printed documents turned on for a specified number of days.

If it is set like this then it should work.

If any of you out there made changes how did you make sure that the Createform Server picked up your Queue properties changes and your Printer properties changes.


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