Createform Printing of MICR line in Createform 7X

Cathy Wilbur

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We print the MICR line on our cheques using Createform. The bank uses a testing centre that now tests the MICR line the readability and the positions of all fields on the cheque so that the cheque may now be scanned directly from a cell phone directly into the bank. We are having problems with the bank cheque testing centre. Our MICR line does not always print in the exact same place because of the way the cheque stock paper pulls the paper. So I defined the MICR field as left justified and have the MICR field printing at the bottom of the field. That is not working so was going to have the MICR line print left justified but have the MICR line always centered in the middle of the field. Our USD cheque the MICR line the signal is coming back high and they indicated some of our USD MICR characters are too high. We use the exact same MICR font (IDAutomationMICR B point 12) for our Canadian and US MICR line printing so why would one have a high signal and certain characters be too tall or too high on one when the Canadian bank MICR line is not a problem. We print both MICR lines in exactly the same place, using the exact same font using the exact same printer and toner. Any ideas.

Lastly, the bank said our convenience amount box/rectangle for the cheque amount in figures has too dark a background. They also said our convenience amount box filler is too dark. Every time I lightened the box they still say it is too dark. Background reflectance within Convenience Amount Rectangle must be >=60%. PCS of Convenience Amount Rectangle Outline must be <=.30. Have been using Createform 7x to try and meet these standards and it keeps failing. Has anyone else had these issues with the bank? Please advise. We have been through 5 testing cycles with the bank testing center and each turnaround is approximately 2 weeks. We are going live with our new Createform 7x in just over a week and we still do not have these last few cheque testing issues resolved. I live in Canada so I am following the Canadian Payments Association for Canada.
Does anyone know how to calculate the PCS value to see if a field meets the standard. My rectangle box is must be <= PCS of .30.

We were able to fix the MICR line I think by centering the MICR data in the field withing the MICR line. We left justify the field but center the data within the field.

Cacluating the PCS value is a whole other matter.