Create new company and carry over previous companies to a new company


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I have 5 companies and wants it to consolidate or carry over to a new company. Is there a way to carry over or attached the previous companies (eg. 165,135,145) to a new company 417?

Thank you for your help
JDE E811

Romel Tuazon
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It can be done as follows..................this is a starting point of the JDE process, but you really need to understand the prerequisite steps that need to be taken to insure data integrity as well as the full financial impact.


Add a new company, if necessary.
Change the company number assigned to the business unit(s) using Revise Business Unit (P0006).
Run the integrity reports in following order:

Accounts without Business Units (R097041)
Account Balance without Account Master (R097031)
Transactions without Account Master (R097021)
If you simply want to solve the rollup of the companies to company 417, you can use the P0050B.
Hi Tuazon,

Let us know if you were able to achieve your requirement.