Create multi-line sales orders - AIS Forms Service vs Orchestrator


AIS is Oracle's favourite child at the moment an will continue to be enhanced going forward.

The separate integrations team here (who know nothing about JDE) are looking for a REST API to create Sales Orders (and purchase orders and work orders...)

My understanding is very limited - no hands on experience with either. Spent hours on the internet and on the Oracle site but 99% of of the examples are all about getting address book info. No meat and potatoes.

So ... this is what I think. Is it right?

AIS Forms Service
AIS Forms service which would require them (i.e. the integrations team) to understand P4210 a little bit to know how a user would use it and also get the object ID's. They would then need to craft a single JSON document to make the REST API call which will, 0) name the W4210A form, 1) populate the header fields 2) populate the grid fields for one or more rows 3) then press the OK button. i.e. the JSON document would contain the actions, field mappings and sales order data.

They would send in JSON document with the sales order data only.
Using P4210 and Orchestrator Studio, we (JDE team) would record/create a orchestration which will map the JSON data to the P4210 header/grid fields. When the orchestration runs, it would open the from, populate the header/grid fields, click the ok button.
How do you create multiple grid rows????? Can multi-line Sales Orders be created using a orchestration? (maybe in future releases???)

Differences - (from the Integrations Team POV)
I'm guessing one of the benefits of the Orchestrator is that you can build in extra steps and decision making. E.g. They only have the LongAddressNumber so Orch1 fetches AN8 and SearchType from P01012. If SearchType = 'C'ustomer then run Orch2 with AN8 to create the Sales Order. The flow and decision logic stays withing JDE.

Doing the same thing done using AIS Forms/data service would require 2 separate service calls and some logic inbetween to link them together. The flow and decision logic to create a SO based on SearchType would be outside of JDE.

3pl Products
EveREST2jde address the issue that there is no JDE REST API for calling individual bsfn's.
Modus/Mulesoft is something similar (I think???).

Both would require the Integrations team to understand JDE a bit more and maybe for some JDE objects to be specifically created to encapsulate the business logic?

Please discuss!!!!!!!


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To add to 3rd party products: LynX Business Integrator has full-fledged REST API to call BSFNs, table i/o (all operations including insert, update and delete), etc. More information here: YouTube demo of REST features:


You can also create business process that use E1 objects and expose them as web services, without any changes to your E1 system. This allows you to create sales orders with multiple lines and multiple sales orders with multiple lines, in one database transaction (if you prefer to do so) through one web service request. We also have several pre-built integrations.
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We provide a solution for this issue. On top of providing a REST server for calling JDE BSFN's, queries and reports (plus other things) we also provide a stack of NER's BSFN to provide atomic services.
So for example, we have functions to create Sales Orders and append or update lines on an existing order. We also have the equivalent for purchase order and manufacturing, service and equipment work orders. These functions basically wrap up the master business functions and data validation into single calls that make sense from an integration perspective.

Details on the services are available here: but this list is constantly expanding.

Our solution also supports Orchestrator/AIS so you can create a hybrid solution where you want one solution for integrating into JDE. Our solution also handles JDE data types so developers don't need to understand date formats, business units, UDC's etc etc.


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I'm learning Orchestrator myself. You didn't specify your tools release, so I don't know if you are on the latest release and have the Process Recorder available. If you do, I would start from the JDE side.

1. You would need someone familiar with entering an order to use Process Recorder to go through the order entry process. This will generate a Form Request for you.
2. You can then modify the Form Request if you need to.
3. Create Orchestration to use the Form Request.
4. Use the testing tool to make sure the Orchestration is working and to get the JSON needed when calling the request.
5. Hand the JSON off to the other team so they know how they need to send the data.

I haven't attempted something as complex as Order Entry yet. Good Luck.
I have implemented Orchestration that creates multi lines sales order. Please refer following document:

E1: ORCH AIS - How To Add Multiple Detail Lines Using Orchestrator Studio and Client. (Doc ID 2294593.1)

In case you need further help, please reach out to me through my website's contact form as I'm not very active on forum.

Btw, I reached this topic while searching for creating multi-lines sales order using AIS :) I'm struggling with the same, if anyone has an example and can share, it would be of great help.


My organization implemented JDE Order creation via AIS. We had a customized order creation screen which iresulted in a series of 8 AIS web service calls to create an order.
Overall it worked well, but we ran into performance issues related to orders with over 40 lines and the AIS web service calls taking over a minute to return.

I'd be interested in talking to other people who have completed similar integrations. You can reach me at mgrader @


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I am trying to update sales order price and qty via orchestrator and not successful yet. I was able to create SO. Is there anyone can guide me on this?
E92, Orchestartor 7, Windows 2012


With Process Recorder you can record Service Request to perform update. I did it but now I am struggling how to update in one orchestration multiple grid rows.