Create!form 7 on Windows Server 2012


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Does anyone know if Create!form 7 will run on Windows Server 2012, or if Create!form 7 ever supported Windows Server 2012?


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The thread below this one seems to indicate that there is a release of 7.1 that supports Windows 2012... "updating to 7.1.400.6190 for official windows 2012 R2 support".


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Thanks for your response.

You seem to have missed inserting the link to the thread to which you refer. I could find that thread in my search.

I sent a request to Bottomline at the same time as I raised this thread. I did get a response from Bottomline as follows:

Create!form version 7.1.4 supports Windows Server 2012
Create!form version 8 supports Windows Server 2012/2016

Unfortunately we have 7.0.3 installed.