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Create!Fomr remote merging isssue


We have many branches in US need to print Create!Form reports. All branches are connected through VPN via internet connection.
Since many branches are not ideal location for the fastest internet service available connection is very slow. We are using Web client with 8.11 SP1.
When users are trying to merge over WAN, it take a long time to finish the merging.
Anyone has idea to speed up the merging without using any other S/W (Citrix, TS and ETC).

Thank you.


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I've wished the merge were quicker as well but I doubt you will have much luck speeding anything up. I wanted to use this as well for some things but the wait was just too long. Love to hear if you do!

How about emailing the forms to the user that initiates the job? (assuming you have CreateEmail). This is the way I now handle many of our forms and the users tend to love it over printing. The reason they like it that they have an electronic copy that they can save if needed, they can immediately forward to another party (like a PO), and they can print it anywhere they want. Also removes having to maintain the add-in in Adobe on each PC that needs to be able to do a merge.

I accomplished this by peeling the Author of the job off (in your Director project), using it into a lookup table in Access (told I couldn't use Excel for some reason with CF 3.2, used Excel lookup in 2.7) that retrieved an email address and then sends it off to the user. Actually real simple.


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Re: Create!form remote merging isssue

How is the plug-in merge time at those slow WAN locations when a simple form project is used? If I were going to test I'd use something like address book (R014021) and just do a very basic form project; a box, some text and map PDF data. I wouldn't put a logo on it since the size of your logo image (if you're using one) might be contributing to the problem.

The other thing I can think of to look at is where the CformServer merge program and Cform projects are. Maybe there is something in network mapping that's causing the WAN connection to take so long for the merge. The plug-in is just a simple API with setttings that tell it where to get the Cform project (Form project directory) and the executable that does the merge (Installation directory).

I agree with SSolberg though. If you have Cemail emailing PDF's (merged and unmerged) is a really slick way to go. I'm using it now doing a lookup on /Author directly back to the E1 database to get the users email address. I use the subject line to indicate what environment the job came (helps distinguish output from PRD vs. non-PRD). Also if there is no Cform project to merge they get the orginal JDE PDF attached to the email. We don't use Acrobat plug-in merge at all.

Hope this helps -



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Re: Create!form remote merging isssue

Karen - I'm darn curious how you are accomplishing emailing of the "raw" E1 PDF (when there is no project) as you mentioned in your post. Any chance I can pick your brain for a minute? I can be contacted directly at ssolberg@washcorp.com if you can discuss.