Correct Sequence for Performing Updates

Michelle D.

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OneWorld B7322, Service Pack 12.1, with the MFG Mini-Cum
Coexistent with World A7.3 Cum 5
AS400 V4R3 Enterprise Server (Client Access SF59075)
Windows NT SQL V6.5 Deployment Server
SynQuest V5.07.02
NT Logic - between AS400 (OneWorld) and HP9000 (SynQuest)

I would appreciate any advice on how to go about the following:

1) Installing OneWorld Service Pack 12.3
2) Upgrading to SQL 7.0

Specifically, does one need to be done before the other? Do I need to apply
any PTF's before, during, after? Any impact on the PDF's? (We use Optio
and if the PDF's are affected, I definitely need to know.)

Also, the instructions say to build an update package after the installation
.... does it have to be an update package or can it be a full package? The
reason I'm asking is because we've applied several SAR's and custom mods
that I have not yet approved and deployed. I've also never done an update
package ... if I'm not ready to deploy the SAR's and mods, can I still do
the update package?

Last, how much time should be budgeted for this? We're planning on doing it
this weekend and need to know how long the system will be unavailable.

Thanks everyone in advance for your replies!

Michelle Dulay
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BFGoodrich Aerospace
Chandler Evans Control Systems
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OneWorld B7322, MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent World A7.3
AS400 V4R3 ES