Copying UBE from PRISTINE to CRP


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Hello Adrian,

Now you gain an other ribbon (or two?).

About the "very interesting question": I am really ashamed of to forgot the Logging feature. Thank you that remind me of it (really).
I am really surprised that OMW configurator allow me to enter two Activity Rules for Check-Out/Get for the same Object Type both with Active status with different From location. What is your oppinion about it, is it right?

And now about the original issue: Congratulations! You have found the tricky way how to do it without playing Project Status and/or Activity Rules.
I am not really glad about this tricky way. I hoped that OMW forces a very controlled object movement and forces to keep the normal Development Cycle and Object Movements.
Yes, your tricky solution (will?) simplify my life but hopefully only mine and this solution will remain in the shade for many OW users on our site. I won't publish it in a wide range here :)
Maybe we will have to secure this way, allowing it only for the enough educated and responsible peoples.

At last but not least, it was a frankly great pleasure to learn a lot from you. Thanks.


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I was surprised about some of the default/inherited Activity Rules, too. And I guess your CNC should take your OMC for (at least) a ride, and fix it, as our CNC did.
Don't congratulate me for my knowledge; please direct your enthusiasm towards the source of it, especially our instructors (and they are Robert Haig and Andrew Dowdall from JDE Toronto, Canada). They did a good job in making us aware of this sleeping giant that is OMW.
Apart from the dirty/tricky way to have a copy from Pristine, there is always the status 45 that has to be re-worked a little. I will not be able to detail exhaustively but two or three things to remember are:
1- Transfer happens ONLY when you change status (we discovered the DV -> PY was not happening because the Actions were missing the proper - to - location)
2- First Check In should happen into your current environment
3- Do not allow Delete action anytime, anywhere and to anybody; exercise caution (read ... educated/responsible people).
As always, one is happy to be of help, too. You're very welcome.

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Hi Adrian,
You are right.
We have to revise all default/inherited Activity Rule, User Role and all OMW configuration setting and make a carefully thought-out configuration.
I am affraid very much that I will be this lucky "CNC guy" at our site who will gain this nice job however I am really a developer.

I think, it is very good thing to chat about OMW on the List because it is very new for most of us and can be a very handy and safe workbench with a well thought-out configuration and security.
You are also welcome.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)