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Hi everyone,
We have four environments :CRP, DEV, PRE, PROD. We need to make a working copy of the entire PROD
environment in PRE, i.e., totally replicate PROD in PRE including all the production data, AAI's, everything... some of
the folk here say that the process is the same as starting an entirely new environment and that existing transaction data
cannot be copied, short item numbers will create problems in the new copied enviroment...etc. I believe they are
assuming that we will be doing a table to table copy after identification. But we intend to entirely replicate the
environment. I know there is a facility called Copy Environments. Anyone knows if this is what we are looking for?
We need the entire data as on 31st May. So the question of existing transactions to be avoided does not come.
Two questions:
1. Is it possible?
2. How to go about it?
3. Time frame for the process to be completed? (if possible - an approximation of a day will also do - we will ensure that
no data is entered into production from the time the copy is started)
4. Any implications of the same.

Any inputs will be appreciated,
Thanks everyone,

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look at R98403, versions XJDE0021 and XJDE0022.
Be sure to copy these versions and modify the processing options to point to the desired target data sources. BTW your message states you want to copy environments but your deteailed description only talks about data. The picture is more involved if you want to truly replicate the complete environment (objects, versions, etc). Suggest you search the forum archives and the Knowledge Garden for more documentation on this process.


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You have not specified, if you want to create a full replica, or just
copy all the data. The difference lies in customized programs and
versions. If you need a complete replica, I suggest you have a look at
Download section of (there was a document, unfortunately
I have not read it), also there were a number of threads related to the
thing. If you can't find anything - ask again.

If you just need to copy all of the data (you are right in assuming that
it won't mess anything up), you can use R98403 (there's a document on
the knowledge garden describing this application). You can't filter
anything out (I mean records, tablewise it is possible). I suggest you
do two versions - by data source (don't do this by environment, I've
lost my Data Dictionary by being not careful). For standard set of
JDEdwards data copying process will complete overnight, I think it was
about 4 hours in our case (on several installations, from lowly noname
NT SQL to HP UX Oracle 8.1.5i). You just need to take care, that you run
the process on NT machine with fastest possible connection to ES
(deployment server is usually the best thing)

Another option is to copy PROD database in SQL server, and replace
owners (PRODDTA -> CRPDTA, PRODCTL -> CRPCTL). If you write a script to
do this, you'll get the data over in under an hour; also processing time
is not growing linear with volume of data.

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