copying an environment


Is it possible to copy entire environments from one (PD7333) to another
entirely as on a particular day? We want a entire copy of production
including all data in a new environent as on 31st may 2001. is it possible
from the copy environments option. we've heard that a new environment will
at the most copy only the UDC, etc. but we even need the transaction tables
et all...
please spell out the steps required if anyone has been through this before...
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Yes Richard, it really is. Its name is R98403; its usage is spelled out in the attached KG document.

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PS1 Should the document fail to answer ALL your questions, do not hesitate and let the List know it!
PS2 It is not only a thing of ... "bon ton" to make public your system configuration, you know? Just Xe won't make it :)

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Again, you have not specified if you need to copy programs and versions,
or just data. Please, download and read - it describes creation of a
new environment (which partially consists of copying an environment to a
new location).

Brief list of steps:
1. To copy data - copy all tables from Business Data and Control Tables
datasources with R98403. Take XJDE0021 and XJDE0022 versions for a
sample (they are basically correct). Make sure that you feel PO.2 and
PO.4 with valid OW DS, and PO.1 and PO.5 are blank, PO.6 = 1, I'd
recommend setting PO.8 to blank, but in default versions it's set to 1.
Standard Data Selections are OK.

An opinion that only UDC will be copied is probably a result of only
running version XJDE0022, which, in fact, copies a very limited number
of tables.

It is not possible to restrict transactional data being transferred,
only to transactions prior to 1st of June. If you need to limit the data
- you'd have to do this manually (figuring out what tables to clear will
take you ... a while).

Data can be copied in under 4 hours.

2. To copy versions - copy table F983051 from [Versions ...] datasource.
Take version XJDE0019 of R98403 as an example, change PO.2 and PO.4 to
correct Version DS. Only interactive versions will be functional after
this copying - batch versions will only be copied after you copy

This runs pretty fast, just takes a little longer on Oracle.

3. To copy programs and batch versions run version XJDE0019 of R98403.
It copies data between Central Objects datasources.

I have never run it, but would expect that it runs forever (24 hrs will
be a good result). Other Listers may advise you better on this part.

4. To copy C sources and packages - copy pathcode directory on
deployment server, rename package directories (if you have a
significantly different number of packages, you may need to edit .inf
files). This MUST be done simultaneously with step 3. If your specs go
out of sync with your sources - you'll have PROBLEMS.

Copying will only take an hour or so.

To speed things up:
In step 1 you can copy tables with owner proddtat and indices with
proddtai to crpdtat and crpdtai respectively (you may need to regenerate
indices instead of copying - I'm not that good with Oracle).
You must complete step 2 as is, because a couple of fields are changed
In step 3 you can also copy tables with owner prodorcl(?) (? I don't
have an Oracle install in front of me - take the owner for Control
Objects datasource).

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Hello Richard,

there is a report available from JDE - R98403 with different versions. You
can copy a whole environment, a datasource or just a single file.
This report is working without any problems.
Herbert Sickel
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