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Copying an environment


Dear List!

What is the quickest/best way to copy one environment to another? We need
our User Acceptance environment to be a complete copy of our Data Conversion
environment. I have found a document on the KG called "Creating a mirror
image of the CRP Environment for the Production Environment". I have created
my own version based on the versions listed in this document. Has anyone
used this document. Can anyone suggest the best way to copy? We need the
minimum amount of down time.

Xe, SP 14.1, Unix/Oracle 8.1.6


Active Member
I have used the document before, the only problem is that the document was
created for B733 not for XE . For example Updating the version list.
The documents says to use R9830512, but that doesn't exist in Xe, So you
have to create a project and promote the versions that way.
Also the document recommends using the deployment server. Some how I
couldn't make it work on the deployment, So I used a development

I hope this helps

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