Copying a File from Windows to AS400 Location.



I am trying to copy a file from Windows to AS400 Location, which is working fine using B4700230 - DeleteOrCopyFlatFile.

Scenario 1: But the issue is whenever a data in file consists of "%" value in any area of data it creates a new line (% working as a new line character )

Scenario 2:
While writing a data line by line using Export to Flat File its working fine and it does not creates a new line.

How to overcome scenario 1 issue need your assistance as there are huge existing reports available to code.

Any little help is very much appreciated and thanks in advance,

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Map this windows location to your AS400 and use an AS400 CL command through B34A1030 to move your file. I've done this loads of times. AS400 and UNIX. Makes no difference, you just work out the move command for your enterprise servers platform