Copy Version UBE through OMW


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Hello List,

There used to be a UBE to copy the versions before Xe. It doesn't work
anymore. They say you have to do it through OMW.

Anybody knows how it is done through OMW.

Thanx in advance.



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Hi Javid,
How do you want to copy UBE Version?
A.) To copy an existing one to a new one with different name?
B.) To copy it from one Path Code to an other Path Code?

Your issue is a recurring one anyhow. (Batch Versions vs OMW).
To answer this type of issue(s) in general requires a lot of time, so excuse me that I won't do that.
I have some suggestion for you:

1.) Study the OMW from the documentation on your CD (Development Tools, System Administration).
2.) Visit the Knowledge Garden, open the OMW topic and read almost everything.
3.) Search the Forum for OMW and/or BATCH Versions related issues/answers (If I remember well, there were many issues/posts including version copy too.)
4.) If you will have problems, do not hesitate to post it onto the List/Forum.

Yes, you really should be familiarize yourself with OMW (OMC?) sooner or later if you want to work on XE.
I am really sorry that these could be my only suggestions at this point.

Good luck,

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)