Copy UDO's from PD to PY or DV (UBE)

Marti Tomas

Hi All,

Anyone know if there is a batch process to copy UDOs between environments like [R9830512 - Universal Batch Engine Version Copy].

Otherwise someone has a procedure?




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For better or worse, I have simply copied records from one environment to another. We are on Tools 9.2.2, so I don't know if it's different for later releases, but Doc ID 2068939.1 on MOS describes the table corresponding to each UDO type. For example, if I wanted to copy a grid format, I would select the record in F952440 and copy it back. One thing to note is the the default status for alll UDO's is held in F952460 - you can copy the status of default back as well, but they are all in that F952460 table.

Although I have never been able to get it to work, I believe you could use the web version of OMW and one of the 40's statuses to move back from Prod to PY and/or Dev.

I am not aware of a UBE per se to do it.