Copy F0901 from PY to PD (E1, 9.1)



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What is the best way to copy the F0901 records from PY to PD for a specific Company (F0010).

My concern is that there may be an issue with the AID being different in PY and PD. Thanks for any information.
I will use the form W0901D in P0901 to upload by business unit.

Download from PY to excel. Make sure Business units are in PD.

Then use this grid(copy & paste from excel) to upload by business unit. if you come across duplicate account id, the app will catch it.

Hope this helps.
Vasu_JDE is correct. For more info see my reply in the Application forum. One thing I forgot to mention is the possibility of the F0901D. This file is used in multi-lingual instances.