Copy Central Objects dB from DV7333 to PD7333 Using SQL Backup/Restore


We are currently live on B732 and testing Xe. In Xe, we are using the following:

DV7333 - use for development and ESU's
PY7333 - use for testing
PD7333 - not currently using
JD7333 - not currently using

I would like to copy DV7333 to PD7333 and use PD7333 for applying and testing ESU's. I haven't had much luck with the ESU merging with modified objects. The one ESU I've applied messed up most of our mods and they all had to be retrofitted. I would like to avoid this and was planning on using PD7333 as kind of a test area to figure out the best way to apply ESU's and not have our mods completely ruined.

Anyway, does anyone see a problem if I were to just backup DV7333 using SQL 2000 and then restore it as PD7333? I know I'll have to change the object owners, etc. - this is how I refresh business data from one environment to another. But I wasn't sure how this would work with central objects. Are there any records in JDE7333 that will be out of sync?

If this isn't the best way to go, please let me know what I should be doing!

Not to be pushy, but I was looking to do this today or tomorrow. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks to everyone in advance.

Michelle Dulay

OneWorld Xe, SP 15.1, Update 2
ESU JD10371 & JD11176
Windows 2000 SP2 Deployment / Enterprise
SQL 2000
Hi Michelle,

First of all, you are not pushy at all. Everybody could be sometimes (several times?) in a situation when she/he needs urgent help. I really hope, that in most of these cases will get it on the Forum.

Check out the OTI-01-0026 "Creating a mirror image of the CRP Environment for the PROD Environment" document from the Knowledger Garden.
Although it explains a CRP to PROD copy but I suppose it is easy to substitute CRP with DEV and apply the method accordingly.
It also explains a complete Environment copy but I suppose, you can
easy separate the Path Code copy part for you.

I have never copied path code but our CNC guys have done it several times. Unfortunately any of them isn't already in the office (Friday, local time 7:10 PM).

I do not know how usefull is the mentioned document (I hope and wish you that it is), so would you be so kind as to notify us about your experineces, results.

Have a good weekend Playing with Path Codes ;-)
Good Luck!

P.S.: If I will find an e-mail address in your user profile then I will send this reply to that address too (knowing that it is an urgent issue) because there was a bit problem on the Forum in the last two days, but thanks to Eric and his great staff, Forum gets currently awake and hopefully will be fully functioning soon.

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