E9.2 Copy attachment on Purchase orders to MS-Teams. Is this possible?

Ankur Patel

Hi all,

I am thinking if it is possible to pick header/line attachment on Purchase Orders and send it to MS-Teams or another location from where it can be picked up and sent to MS-Teams.
Please advise.

Thank you in advance :)


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We did something similar for publishing PDF/CSV report output to a Sharepoint/Teams site. Using the sharepoint client SDK, you can create a fairly simple Windows app that will upload a file to a site. We call this app when a UBE completes and is setup in a custom table with site information. For attachments, you can get the file from the Media Object share or the database repo if that is being used. You'll need to workout the logic of how to indicate which site to publish to etc. Perhaps a scheduled UBE that scans the orders and publishes the attachments with processing options for the Sharepoint site?