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Copied Apllications and Help!


Active Member
Hi all,

In order to get around an asynchronous processing issue on receipting purchase orders, I created a copy of P4312 named P554312 and made the required change.

This works fine. However, when users try to use Help on the cloned program (P554312) either by using the pull down menu or rightclicking on the screen and choosing 'How to', they get the following message:

"Cannot find \\OWDEPSRVNT\b733\helps\E55.hlp file" where OWDEPSRVNT is our deployment server.

Can anyone advise whether it is possible to attach the Helps available with P4312 to its clone (P554312), and how this is done.

Many thanks in advance,

Rob Boden.
OW B7332, NT4.0 sp 6a, SQL server 7.0