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Converting Numbers to Words for Hungarian Currency.


Hello Experts and Gurus,

Currently, we have Customised the Invoice Print program for Poland. While printing the Amount we are either printing it in English or Polish Language as per customized Processing Option Setup. For Poland, we have used the Standard JDE Business Function for printing in The Polish Language B74P0090.
Now we have a similar requirement for Hungary as well. However, we did not find any BSFN to convert numbers to words in the Hungarian language. Kindly advice.

Note: This requirement will be required for subsequent countries Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Lithuania.

Warm Regards,
The Alchemist


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Hi Alchemist,

1. There might be an ASU Language Package available for Hungary/Slovenia/Romania & Lithuania; ask Oracle if they have them ready to be downloaded & installed.
2. If not, you'll have to clone B74P0090.
3. Our colleague Zoltan may have already done that; I suggest you do some Advanced Search on 'language' 'slovenian' 'hungarian' ...


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Hi Alchemist

I had a similar issue many years ago and was very kindly helped out by Peter Konings.

I modified his example slightly to produce the attached event rules. I expect this won't be 100% of what you need, but it should give you a good starting point.

Hope this helps