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We are writing an interface from our legacy system to JDE OneWorld. We are trying to figure out the easiest way to move a flat file from our legacy system into a JDE OneWorld Table.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jennifer Grams

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Hi Jennifer,

The Table Conversion tools is certainly what you need.It can read Flat
files to populate JDE tables and will give you access to Event Rules, to
add logic and controls in your process.




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Hi Jennifer,

I just would like to agree and confirm Philippe's reply.
Yes, the Table Conversion type Batch Applications is the most suitable solution. I have made already more interface from legacy system by this way.

You can find a lot of useful posts about this type of issue in the Archives on the Forum. Try to search for "flat file", "table conversion", "TC", "foreign table" to locate them in the first round.

P.S.: Please, let the Forum/List know if you have further questions, need help or if you have any trouble with Table Conversion or with flat file handling. (... and of course, if you have any OneWorld related open issue too :)

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What database? We are on DB2 and I have lots of flat files that I will have to convert. Some of the instructors and contractors said that JDE has a tool that will convert from flat files to their Z-files. I'm not sure how that's going to work. I wonder if a flat file to them is the same as we are talking about.

I have written an RPGLE program that reads through a data dictionary I built (manually) and creates 'real' files. It then writes a program for each file that can be run to move the data to the 'real' files. THEN we should be able to use their Z-files. I'm still getting the bugs out of it, but I'd be glad to talk with you in more detail about it if you think it might work for you.


Hi all,

I'm trying to transfer flat file to OneWorld of late,
but I have some problems hope anyone can tell me how to do.

1.If I want to dump the data from flat file to a new Table in OneWorld,should I set the "Mapping" column in the Mapping form?
I test if I don't set map parameter , there are nothing dump into Table.
I'm confusing with how to use that.

2.Anyone ever use the "Interoperability Transaction" to transfer
external flat file to OneWorld Sales Order ?
I really appreciated your help.

Thank you.


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Hi Vikki,

Why don't you start a new thread for your issue instead of opening it under an other (and old) existing one? It make confused that thread. Please, start a new one for your own issue!
If you will do so then please:
1.) Attach your system configuration informations, at least OW release level.
2.) Describe for us that what kind of flat files do you use (e.g. text file, Access table, etc.)
3.) Describe for us how do you access you flat file in OW (as OW table, via ODBC as foreign table, etc.).
4.) Tell us where is the format defined for your flat file (in TC UBE, in ODBC definition, etc.).
Read You Again,

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Hi Vicki,

The answer to your first question is "yes", you should set up the mapping
from the Flat file to the One World Table.
This is done in the "Format is Fetched" event (do not forget to chqnge the
event when you arrive in the mapping screen, else you won't see your format.

Hope this helps


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OneWorld,should I set the "Mapping" column in the Mapping form?

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Hi Philippe and Vikki,

PREFACE: Philipe, have you already read my reply where I advised to Vikki to open a new own thread for her(him?) issue instead of start it under Jennifer's (jgrams) original thread? As I suppose, you use the List so you do not see the thread on the Forum which became a bit confused just read the post as e-mail and reply it helpfully.
OK, I will also reply here again.

Philippe is right that use "Format is Fetched" event but I have some addition:

1.) If the TC see the flat file as OneWorld table instead of as a Foreign table then the "Row is Fetched" event the appropriate
2.) You can map Output Columns as well on the mapping screen as well in the event making assignments to the OC type fields.
3.) Do not forget to mark the "Issue a Write for this Event?" check-box. ///Personal NOTE: I have met with a case on the Forum where this was the problem only but we walked around the entire OneWorld making a lot private and personal mail exchange before we found this pretty little bug. I hope he will read this too and will again laugh a good on it :) Excuse me, I wasn't able to resist to write it. ///
4.) Starting from B733, 2 and 3 is not necessary. You can issue Insert Table IO in the event and you can map the columns there inside the Insert statement.

At last a possible problem can occur when input values are not uniques for the unique indicies of the output table and some or all of insertations will fail. Check the jde.log that does it occured or not.

Good luck & success for exploring Table Conversion,

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)