Control is exited in E920


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Hi List!
I currently ran into some problem with "control exited" event.
The user upgraded an application from Xe where relevant logic was written in this event.
It was executed if the user just tabbed off the field - so left it blank.
In E920 web this doesn't seem to work any more. Event is only triggered if there is a change of the field.

Any ideas?

Gergely Pongrácz


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There used to be a web server ini setting for "interactivity"? level (High, Medium, Low) whose purpose was to allow reduction of the chattiness of JDE in high Latency situations.
I believe one of the ways it accomplished this was to ignore certain events (such as Control Exited).
Just checked - yep its still there in 9.2 WLS

Check in Server Manager - Pick a Web Server Instance - Configuration Advanced View, section Web Runtime Interactivity


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Hi Larry,
Thanks for the quick answer. Well, this sound interesting, but our CNC told me that this setting is already HIGH. And I found the same in jas.ini for local web.