Consuming web service, overriding endpoint not working using soft coding record


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Hi All,

Sorry for the confusing title. Essentially, I am attempting to consume an external web service. I am able to run it all fine and it works as desired. I am pulling username, password and endpoint URL from the P954000 soft coding record in JDE. I know username and password is working as intended as changing the values makes the service not work. However, I change the endpoint and the BSSV continues to work. Through debugging it seems to pulling the URL from the actual WSDL file that is part of the BSSV project that is created when you setup the proxy web service in jdeveloper.

I cannot find very good documentation on this at all, and any that I do find all seems to use the old stub style which I believe was for older jdeveloper versions. I am running jdev 12 on Tools 9.1.5 to create this. I used the Oracle included Address Book sample JRH90I34 as a guide and for the most part it has worked out well. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how it is using the endpoint URL from the softcoding record. (I confirmed the JRH90I34 sample does work like this, changing the URL causes it not to work).

I know this post is a shot in the dark and very generic in nature, there would just be too much code to post. I am more wondering if anyone has come across this issue at all?
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I am also facing the same issue with the consumer BSSV. The URL is being fetched from the WSDL file that is part of the proxy code. As such the URL is not being overridden based on the environment which is configured in the softcoding application.

Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this issue.

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