Consuming AIS Internally in JDE Applications


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Hi All,

I have a use case where a user goes into Multiple Forms and applications Multiple times to do the exact same thing. I want to create a JDE Custom application to consume a AIS Orchestration internally.

1. Create an employee master application for an new hire. (Applications 1 - 3 to 4 forms)
2. Assign this employee as a Purchasing agent to a Project (Applications 2 - 1 forms)

And there are 50 employees that needs to be processed through the above process.
I can create and AIS orchestration for this process.

Question is : Can I create a JDE application which can consume the above orchestration through a, lets say a header less detail form where the 50 employees are imported into a grid ?
basically doing : JDE Custom App --> AIS REST --> JDE Standard Apps.

I am aware of EnterpriseOne ADF Application Development will fit the above mentioned use-case perfectly so we can leave that out as a solutions for this discussion.

Apps 9.2 Update2
JDE on Cloud with OMCS


Hi, I have a similar problem, I created a Service Request to Connect with a REST Web Service and I try to send/receive input and output from the Orchestrator Connector.
The connection it's working, the Service Request it's working as well but I find no clue of how to send/receive data from the extranrl REST thru orchestrator inside JDE applications, ddo I need to generate a flow with the Application and then call the REST Connector? How do I integrate this connector with UBE's for example?
I have not seen any BSFN that accomplishes this.


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I have not done this but unless Oracle has provided a system function, C API, etc. to call an orchestration I assume (key word assume) you would have to consume it like any other web service from within an APPL. I.e. [APPL/UBE, etc.]->[C BSFN ]->[Consumer BSSV]->[REST Web Service]


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This may not be of immediate use to you, but I believe there is a "Planned" Enhancement to be able to call an E1 Orchestration from a BSFN or any Event Rule (FDA, Table Event Rules etc.). Given that tools 9.2.3 is around the corner (probably relased around Oracle OpenWorld) I would hope to see it available then or shortly after.


Hi, Im looking after at this moment to Call from a JDE Form an External form, then call an E1page, and from that call the Orchestration. At this moment, the best approach that I've come around it's this but my main issue would be to retrieve the data from the REST Connection and Saving it on the form since the External form cannot Receive data from its data structure in return ... (
Maybe I can generate a further step on the orchestration to populate a JDE Workfile with the information gathered from the REST, update/insert on the table and then inquire/display on the JDE Form
Anybody got any success attempting what I've proposed?


We have a similar requirement. Call an external web service from JDE Application and display the return value on the Form. We could do it through BSSV but looking for a way to do it through Orchestration/AIS. We are at TR