Consumer BSSV



I have a requirement to create a Consumer BSSV which would send my invoice (as xml) to the client(wsdl).

I have the XML format and the wsdl is loaded properly and gives output through SoapUI.

The issue I am facing is, as the invoice XML is big one and have lots of parents and children elements, moreover the items per invoice has to be fetched inside the BSFN, in a loop which calls the BSSV.

Could anyone please help me formatting the XML inside the BSFN Or let me know how do I get the Payload URL from the WSDL, so that I can post the XML directly to the URL instead of being a consumer.

I am also having the same issue. I need to create multiple detail lines as xml request in C BSFN and pass to it BSSV (that calls Third party service) and BSSV returns xml response with multiple detail lines to the C BSFN. I need to parse and return the output(with multiple detail lines) to the form. I am getting confused how to prepare detail lines(multiple) as xml request(payload) at run time and how to parse it(payloadReturn) as it has many header and detail tags. how to return this to form. Is it possible to return multiple records to a form through Data Structure?

Can anyone help me in this???

Thanks a lot in advance...
I understand you, can be very complex. But I'll do a auxiliar table or tables (header & detail), inserting the information with PK ukid, kco, doc, dct (for header) and lnid (for detail), pass the ukid in xml payload to bssv, and next in java class read the table and send the information. And return the same process, read the information and insert rows in auxiliar table (or tables) by bssv java class, pass the ukid (or pk) to report and read and process reading from tables. Finally, delete the rows in auxiliar tables of course. I allways work with auxiliar tables when data is complex in bssv, I think is more easy.

I hope will be useful o it you ideas for you.