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Consolidation Of Multiple Orders to create a Single Credit Order


Hello ,

JD Edwards Version : E9.1 .

Requirement :

Select multiple orders from the History and create a single Credit order for same Ship to

I did a analysis and found in current system its not allowing to select multiple orders from the history .I did enabled this and now its creating a single Credit order by selecting multiple Orders from the history . once Credit order is getting created with multiple lines ( for each original Sales order).

Issue :

While calculating the total quantity , i found if same Item is present in multiple orders , its considering the Item as a whole ( irrespective of different Order number ) and validating and then giving me error " Total Quantity exceeds original " .

I was expecting if the order number is different then the quantity should be calculated differently ( for different orders ) ,even if the same item number is there .

I don't see any issue when there is no same item in different orders.

Analysis :

I found after loading into the cache ,when its calculating , its getting values from cache F42UI11 with an Index : Job no,Session ID and ITM number , and not considering the Order number . that's why its calculating the total quantity based on same Item number even if its from different order ..

Question : pls. suggest if anyone came across this situation and what should be the right approach to achieve this .