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Consolidation ( Multi-Branch) MRP - R3483

Dear all,

Greetings for the day !!

By Running R3483, Is it possible to consolidate 2 (Branches A & B) demand & Place the consolidated output in (Branch C) ?

In Branch Relationship - P3403T

Demand Branch - A , Supply Branch - C.
Demand Branch - B, Supply Branch - C

With the above Branch relationship, Am not getting the required result as listed below.

-Sign ( Shows the Demand)
+Sign ( Shows the Available)

-25 50 No OP message should generate in P3411
75 50 No OP message should generate in P3411
75 -150 75
-25 -150 175

** Could anyone please guide me to complete this process ?

Thanks & Regards,
JDE Functional.


I didn't quite grasp what you want. But maybe setting an additional Branch Relationship between Branch A and Branch B would help.
That way if MRP sees that you have 50 in B and you need 25 in A. Instead of buying into C. It will suggest to transfer from B to A. This is my guess based on the first line in your example. Be careful with Branch Level priorities.