CONSIGNMENT STOCK (as consignee)

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Jose Luis Gutierrez

Dear all

I would like to create a vendor in CONSIGNEE status in JDE. This vendor would deliver the goods to our facilities (warehouse). Once we request the material for production that material would change from status CONSIGNEE (property of vendor: for example C) to status FREE (property of customer: for example F). This movement from our warehouse to our production plant should generate an auto-invoice (direct payment to our vendor)

Has JDE any function to allow CONSIGNMENT stock and auto-invoice movement?

Many thanks for your kind help

9.2 does

I'm on 9.0 and wrote my own based on 'anti journals' that reverse out the received goods GL entries with an equal amount and then made a duplicate entry in the new consigned stock account.
I read over the cardex looking for GL Classes and VENDors that are consignable and reverse them out.

You can also transfer ownership back and forth. 9.2 doesn't quite do what my stuff does, but it's not far off