E9.2 Connections Object - Multiple Environments


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I am somewhat new to Orchestrator so forgive me if this is 101 stuff. I couldn't find it documented any where although I am sure it is. If so you can point me to it.

When I create a Connection Object (in this case for a REST web service), under the covers it creates a soft coding record. One of the properties of this Connection object is a JDE environment specification (JDV920, JTS920, JPD920). I then use this Connection Object in a Connector Object. When I move my orchestration to other environments what is the proper process. Do I simply copy the soft coding record using P954000 and change the credentials, endpoint, etc. (in this case I do have different end points and credentials for different environments)? Basically the same process I would use for BSSVs. Will the Connector object automatically bind or read the soft coding record (Connection) for a given environment w/o having to do anything to the Connector Object?