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Configurator and External Program Calls


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I have been able to use the JDE sample C program B32EXT in one of our configured segments to return a bogus value into the segment value. I made a copy of this program, made a minor change to multiply the value by 3 instead of 2, created my own DLL and then built the business function. However, when Configurator runs I get a window with the message
"Business function load failed - TSPMPB-_B32MCM@12"

TSPMPB is my DLL and B32MCM is my clone of B32EXT.

So, I tried creating a Named Event Rule(N32MCM) that just returns one number multiplied by another, attached it to the configured segment and it works fine.

I've check JDEList for other threads similar to this and followed some of the notes including how to build the C business function with the correct compiler settings, etc. All the debug log shows is the SQL call to OL7333/F9862 looking for my program and then it closes F9862. My program is listed in that file.

Can anyone give me any ideas why my B32MCM is failing and N32MCM is not?

Thanks in advance,

XE SP13 AS/400 V4R5 DB2/400