Conditionally Disable MRP Cancel Messages


Greetings JDElisters! We're facing a situation where MRP will throw WO cancel messages for WIP that is nearly done. Even if the cancellation is legitimate (i.e., we indeed don't need the item) it is often less costly to just finish up and store the item rather than disassemble it and place the components back in inventory. Do you know of any way to disable cancellation messages for WOs above a certain status? That would be a perfect solution, if it were possible.



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Why is MRP telling you to cancel the WO? Has your demand changed in some way (maybe a WO or SO status change)? Has your safety stock level changed? Normally MRP tries to balance the supply with demand, so getting a cancel message is for a reason.


Yes, a demand picture change has occurred. Let's say a customer cancels one line on their SO. Since we sell a lot of standard items we almost universally don't want to cancel WOs that are almost complete (e.g., at status 45 or above). Sure, the item is no longer needed for that particular SO, but we'll definitely sell one in the future so we might as well finish up rather than going through disassembly and then storing the components back in inventory.


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You can freeze the order to avoid cancel messages........or can simply ignore them ( as we do in our facility)., Thanks
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