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Conditional debug breakpoint ?


Reputable Poster
Hi All,
I am aware of how to add breakpoints when I debug a program. But I could have sworn there was a conditional breakpoint available and am at a loss to find it. Can someone help me out please.

Frosty the Coder

Legendary Poster

I remember that WORLD had this, but can't think of if/where it is in Oneworld. My workaround has been to throw in cEV01_Debug. I have this IF TESTED throughout the code being debugged, turning it on/off as needed.

Yes, it's an ugly workaround, but it gets the trick done.....



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Hi Gene,
You're right; kinda ugly but it does look like something I will be using in the future.
PS: I am almost positive I saw a conditional breakpoint in one of the tools classes I took before XE was born.


Active Member
this coditional break point is the condition based upon
a Table IO or Report IO is so below:
use FILE_IO Status in debug in System Value Folder
error appear or success


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Hi Welford,
I think you are telling me I can check for a successful file I/O and I do know how to do that.
What I really need, for example, is the ability to bypass all of the times that a successful I/O occurs and only stop at a debug point if there is an unsuccessful I/O.


Conditional breakpoints a a feature of VIsual Studio. Not much use if you are debugging ER, but pretty useful if you are debugging a 'C' bsfn.

I have used them whan a bsfn is called many times eg when a UBE fails after 999 rows processed.
They are accessed of the Edit->Breakpoints menu option.