E9.1 Completed Dates in Lot Master (F4108.UA04)


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Hi Lists,
Could not find useful document from Support site, and so would someone share how this completed date (F4108.UA04) is updated based on what logic? I used to think it is from the date of work order completed however do found some WOs completed with lot numbers but there are no related F4108.UA04 updated.
Could you help to shed the light for this? Thank you!

Apps 9.1 + TR9.2.3.1


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Hi John, glance at the UDC table 40/LD wherein you specify by document(s) type the relevant category in the description 1 (1 to 6 go to IOUA01 to IOUA06).
Any inventory transaction type will update the transaction date in the related field corresponding to the considered item/lot/branch.