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Hi List,

I have created WO for 2 Nos.The Wo contains only one child Item and part list quantity is 10 for WO QNTY 2 Nos.I have used Component Scrap P31116 and scraped 5 units and after that issued of 5 units extra. Each units actual cost is 10 Rs-/.But what does this Completed amount means in P31022 which is Production Cost Enquiry.The Actual Amount is correct But I would like to know that Whats Completed Amount..?
Can Anybody pls tell me.Pls see the attchment for details..


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Actual amount column shows the actual amount completed when you run the report R31802A. Where as Completed cost is the total completion upto todays date. It seems report R31802A is run after issue and before completion. That has created problem of abnormal variance in your case.