Communication failure


Hi list!

We've recently upgrade to XE from B7332. Now we experience some problems when accessing DB through Client Access. Usually problems start when using Central Objects ODBCs. I. e. doing checkin/checkout from OMW.

The jde.log file reports the following messages:

ODB0000183 - SQLExecute failed

[IBM][Controlador ODBC Client Access Express (32 bits)][DB2/400 SQL]
SQL0502 - Cursor CRSR0002 ya abierto.- SQLSTATE: 24000
(cursor ... already open)

JDB9900401 - Failed to execute db request

JDB9900259 - Failed to select from F986101

No errors nor warning messages can be detected before the error. Once
the error appears, DB connections fail for almost every workstation.

Under AS400 we've analysed the job messages for the QZDASOINIT
processes and found the same message.

We found 2 temporary "solutions":

1.- Wait a time... and try to connect to OneWorld later.
2.- Restarting the Enterprise Server!!!

Thanks in advance.

Note: We have the Central Objects in AS400.

OneWorld XE UP1 SP 15.1
ES AS/400 V4R4 / DS NT4 SP6.1